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Post Cap Installation & Maintenance


Post Caps or Small Finials
To install your PostCapSource decorative in-stock or custom post caps or finials, we recommend the following step-by-step instructions. We are confident you will find it a very easy and painless process!

Preparation: The surface of your deck post does not have to be perfectly level if you are applying a Slip Over Post Cap. The design will compensate for very small deviations. For optimal aesthetic appeal, the surface should be very level for a Non Slip Over Post Cap or Finial.

* Turn your post cap or finial over so you are looking at the flat surface (Non-Slip Over Post Cap) or the inside of the fitted post cap (Slip Over Post Cap).
* Use an exterior-grade construction adhesive (available at Home Depot, Lowe's, or Wal-Mart) to adhere the post cap, finial, or deck post cap to your wooden, vinyl, or metal post.
* Apply the adhesive liberally to the inside of the Slip Over Post Cap or on the center of your Non Slip Over Post Cap or finial.
* If you are working with a Non Slip Over Post Cap, apply to the bottom center of the post cap with approximately a half-dollar size of adhesive. The adhesive will spread across the binding surfaces of your deck railing and post cap when pressure is applies.
* Place the cap firmly over the top of the post. Hold the Non Slip Over Post Cap in place momentarily to ensure it does not slide as it adheres to the deck post. The adhesive creates a secure bond between the post cap and the post and should withstand normal use. Check periodically that your post cap is still secure on your post.

Slip Over Post Cap

Apply exterior adhesive to top of the deck post. Place post cap over post and adjust to desired fit. Stainless steel nails may be used, but are not necessary. The post does not have to be completely square as the slip over post cap will cover minor variations in the post surface. Ease of installation and preparation are big benefits in using slip over post caps.


Tall or large finials will come with a screw attached to the bottom. Follow these simple instructions in order to install your finials in the center of your deck post, deck rail, or hand rail.

1. With a straight edge, draw a diagonal line from the top corner to the opposite bottom corner of the application surface. Repeat starting at the other top corner, drawing a diagonal line to its opposite bottom corner.

2. The center of this "X" will give you the geometric center of your wooden, metal, or vinyl post application surface.

3. Drill a hole (smaller than the finial screw) into the center of the X. It is important to drill this hole straight down so that your finished finial will sit squarely. Some electric drills have a built in level. Again, make sure you drill your hole as straight as possible. Tightening your finial, especially wooden finials, can cause your finial to crack if you turn your finial too tight at an angle.

4. Insert the screw tip of the finial into the drilled hole and screw the finial into place. We recommend you use an exterior-grade construction adhesive on the bottom of the finial before screwing it in if you are happy with the way the finial looks.


Our post caps and finials are manufactured using high quality materials-- whether it is a custom post cap, copper post cap, or a standard wooden post cap, we are confident that you will be happy with the quality. Because of this quality, maintenance is fairly simple, however, the natural materials do require some maintenance from time to time. Follow the steps below to preserve your post cap or finial.

Wood Post Caps and Finials
As with all wood products, we recommend that you coat the wood portion of the post cap or finial with a high-quality exterior finish to preserve the wood's natural beauty and ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. Apply to all wood areas, including the underside of the post cap or finial, before installation.

Copper Post Caps and Copper Finials
Copper products will weather with time. Copper is durable and requires no maintenance. See our FAQ section on Copper for more information on how it weathers into a beautiful patina.

Why Copper Post Caps or Copper Finial?
Copper designs are unique. This beautiful metal has been used for centuries in home decor as accessories and kitchen ware and in home construction as roofing, gutters and plumbing -- proving its durability over time and all weather elements.
Copper makes even more sense in outdoor settings. Whereas wood will weather and crack, iron and steel will rust, and plastic becomes brittle, copper ages to a beautiful green patina. The green patina is not like rust on steel, but acts like a protectant for the copper while adding a feeling of quality and antiquity to its surroundings. City air oxidizes copper more quickly, while the purer county air lets copper take its time going through the patina process. No two pieces evolve alike. The beauty, strength and durability of copper make it the perfect choice for patio and garden post caps and finials. Copper is also used to repel slugs from plants, an added benefit to using one of our products in your landscape.