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5" Low Voltage Colonial Light
4" Low Voltage
3.5" Low Voltage
Showing: 1-3 of 3 Items.

Post Cap Source offers these quality low voltage post caps for both residential or commercial fence post applications. Our low voltage post caps "slip-over" most standard-sized vinyl (or wood) fence posts. All of our low voltage post caps require a connection to a low voltage transformer for a power source.

Unfortunately, we do not carry any transformers in stock; however, transformers are readily available at most local hardware and home improvement stores.

Each of our vinyl low voltage post caps are an ideal solution for both residential or commercial night-time exterior lighting applications. An excellent way to light up outdoor areas where safety is a concern or where alternative light is needed. Great for night-time deck lighting applications as well!

One should be able to use these low voltage post caps in conjunction with other low voltage lights in your landscape as long as the proper wattage is considered and applied according to the type of transformer that is being used.