Copper Post Caps

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Fits standard wood posts from 3" x 3" to 10" x 10"
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Post Cap Source prides itself on selling the highest quality copper-plated post caps. There are two types of copper post caps to choose from: wood trim or vinyl trim. The copper-top fence post caps with wood trim are offered in western red cedar or kiln-dried redwood and come in a variety of sizes and traditional styles. These wood types are best known for their durability in harsh environments, and their beauty. As you know, wooden post caps finish and protect your posts with the natural look of wood. The wood-trimmed post caps include an optional dentil molding, if you prefer, and feature smooth routed edges with a thicker molding.

Post Cap Source also offers these high quality copper-top post caps with a vinyl trim that are meant to slip over true 4x4 and 5x5-sized posts. These maintenance-free traditional-styled post caps are accentuated by the brilliant copper-top plate which is characteristic of Old World charm. A perfect way to adorn your vinyl fence, these vinyl post caps are low maintenance and made of solid, cellular vinyl.

Why not add a more distinguished look with the burnished beauty of copper?